Project Overview

D.R. Electrical was contracted by St Faiths Church in Crosby to undertake a comprehensive electrical rewiring and lighting upgrade. The scope of the project included the main church, side chapels, the sacristy, and the organ area.

The primary objective was to enhance the lighting quality and energy efficiency of the church’s electrical systems by replacing outdated fixtures with modern LED fittings.


Scope of Work

The entire church required a complete rewiring to ensure safety and compliance with current electrical standards. This involved removing old wiring and installing new, efficient electrical circuits.

The existing lighting system was outdated and inefficient. We replaced all fixtures with high-quality LED fittings from Illuma Lighting, known for their durability, energy efficiency, and superior illumination.


Project Execution

We conducted a thorough assessment of the church’s existing electrical systems We identified areas that required rewiring and potential challenges in accessing wiring in historic parts of the church.

Work Included

• Carefully planned the rewiring process to minimise disruption to church activities.
• Removed old wiring and installed new circuits, ensuring all installations met the latest electrical safety standards.
• Worked closely with church staff to schedule work around church services and events.

Lighting Installation

• Selected Illuma Lighting’s LED fittings for their excellent performance and aesthetic compatibility with the church’s architecture.
• Installed LED fixtures in the main church area, side chapels, sacristy, and organ area.
• Ensured optimal placement of lights to enhance the church’s ambience and highlight architectural features.

Testing and Commissioning

• Conducted rigorous testing of all electrical systems and lighting installations.
• Ensured all systems were fully operational and safe.
• Provided a detailed handover and training to church staff on the new lighting system.


Challenges and Solutions

The church’s historical significance required careful handling to avoid damaging its structure.

To avoid interrupting church services, we scheduled major works during off-peak hours and communicated closely with church administrators.


Final Results

The electrical rewiring and lighting upgrade at St Faiths Church in Crosby were successfully completed, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of this historic building. D.R. Electrical’s expertise in handling complex projects ensured a seamless transition to a modern, energy-efficient lighting system while respecting the church’s historical significance.

We have also made substantial energy savings by upgrading to LED lighting, reducing the church’s carbon footprint and operational costs.

The rewiring ensured that the church’s electrical systems were up to date with the latest safety standards, providing peace of mind to the church’s congregation and staff.

This project stands as a testament to our commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. The new Illuma LED lighting significantly improved the church’s overall brightness and atmosphere. The fixtures provided clear, warm lighting that highlighted the church’s architectural beauty.