The Project

D.R. Electrical was engaged by Nightingale House Hospice to upgrade its existing door access system to a more advanced and reliable Paxton door access system.

The project involved replacing existing door access systems and installing new doors. The primary goal was to enhance security and ease of access for the hospice’s staff, patients, and visitors.


Hospice Requirements

We were tasked with replacing the existing door access system with the Paxton door access system.

This included installing Paxton door access systems on all external doors, including both existing doors and newly added doors.


Our Work

We conducted a thorough assessment of the existing door access system to identify the specific requirements for each door.

Our team closely collaborated with hospice staff to understand their security needs and ensure minimal disruption to daily operations.

Planning and Design

We then developed a detailed project plan outlining the upgrade process, including timelines and milestones. We needed to design a customised solution to integrate the Paxton door access system with the hospice’s current infrastructure.

System Upgrade

Once our plan was in place, we removed the existing door access systems from all external doors, ensuring careful handling to prevent damage to the doors and surrounding areas.

We then installed the Paxton door access systems on the existing doors, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

We also added new doors where required and installed Paxton door access systems on these doors.

Testing and Commissioning

Our team conducted rigorous testing of each Paxton door access system to ensure proper operation and security.

We also trained hospice staff on using the new Paxton door access system, including how to manage access permissions and troubleshoot common issues.


Project Challenges 

We needed to ensure that the hospice’s operations were not disrupted during the upgrade, this was a top priority for our team on request of the client.

Our team scheduled installation work during off-peak hours and worked closely with hospice staff to coordinate access to different areas.

Integrating the Paxton door access system with the hospice’s existing infrastructure required careful planning and execution. Our team ensured compatibility and smooth operation by conducting thorough pre-installation assessments and tests.


The End Result

By upgrading to the Paxton door access system, we provided the hospice with enhanced security and improved operational efficiency, ensuring a safer and more secure environment for everyone.

The Paxton door access system provided Nightingale House Hospice with a robust and reliable security solution, enhancing the safety of patients, staff, and visitors.

The careful planning and execution of the project ensured a seamless transition from the old door access system to the new Paxton system, with minimal disruption to the hospice’s operations.