Project Overview

D.R. Electrical was selected by D Morgan PLC to carry out the installation of electric vehicle (EV) chargers at their facility. The project involved setting up a new sub-main distribution system and installing EV chargers to accommodate the growing number of electric vehicles in their fleet.

The Project EV chargers, including 7.2kW and 22kW models, were chosen for their reliability and efficiency. Additionally, a back-office management software system was implemented to manage and monitor the chargers effectively.



D Morgan required a new sub-main distribution system to support the additional load of the EV chargers.

The set-up of a management software system to control and monitor the usage and performance of the chargers was also required.


Assessment and Installation

We conducted a site survey to evaluate the existing electrical infrastructure and determine the best locations for the new sub-main distribution and EV chargers. From this we developed a detailed project plan, including timelines and milestones.

Sub Main Distribution Installation

We Installed a new sub-main distribution board to handle the increased electrical load from the EV chargers. D Morgan uses heavy machinery, and we wanted to accommodate future increases in system load and ensure the system can scale.

Our technicians also ensured all installations were compliant with current electrical standards and regulations.

EV Charger Installation:

We installed a mix of 7.2kW and 22kW Project EV chargers at strategic locations on the premises to provide optimal coverage and integration with the new sub-main distribution system.

Back Office Management Software Setup

As required, we set up a back office management system to monitor and control the EV chargers.

After completion, we trained D Morgan PLC staff on using the software to track charger usage, schedule maintenance, and generate reports.


Challenges and Solutions

Ensuring compatibility between the new sub-main distribution system and the existing electrical infrastructure was critical. Our team conducted detailed assessments and made necessary adjustments to facilitate a smooth integration.

To avoid interrupting D Morgan PLC’s daily operations, the installation work was scheduled during off-peak hours and weekends. They have a busy industrial facility, and clear communication with the client ensured minimal disruption.


The Results

Our successful installation of EV chargers for D Morgan PLC underscores D.R. Electrical’s capability to deliver complex electrical projects efficiently and effectively.

By providing a tailored solution that included a new sub-main distribution system, a range of Project EV chargers, and a comprehensive management software system, D.R. Electrical helped D Morgan PLC enhance its EV charging infrastructure, supporting its commitment to sustainability and innovation.