PV battery storage (photovoltaic powered) is an increasingly popular sustainable energy option being invested in by residential and domestic properties.

By capturing and storing electricity generated from solar panels, PV solar systems provide a sustainable and reliable source of power even when sunlight is not available. Rather than relying solely on the power grid, PV solar batteries offer a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative.

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What is PV Battery Storage?

PV battery storage systems work by capturing energy which is generated by solar panels during daylight hours and storing it in batteries for later use, such as during the evening or when energy demand is high.

How PV Solar Panels Work

Solar panel PV energy is generated by the following process:

Solar panels generate electricity: Solar panels which are installed on to a roof or unobscured area convert sunlight into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. When sunlight hits the solar panels, an electric current is generated, which is how energy is produced.

Charge controller regulates the flow: The electric current generated by the solar panels is then fed into a charge controller which regulates the flow of electricity to prevent overcharging the batteries. This ensures that the batteries are charged safely and efficiently.

PV battery storage: The electricity generated by the solar panels are then stored in PV batteries for later use. These batteries can be lithium-ion, lead-acid, or other types designed for energy storage. The stored energy can be saved and used when sunlight is not available, such as during the night, winter, or on cloudy days.

Inverter converts DC to AC: When electricity is needed, such as during the evening when the sun is not shining, the stored energy in the PV batteries is converted from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC) by an inverter. Most household appliances and the electricity grid operate on AC power, so the inverter is necessary to make the stored energy usable.

Power usage: The AC electricity produced by the inverter can then be used to power household appliances, lights, electronics, and other electrical devices. If the battery storage is connected to the grid, excess energy can also be fed back into the grid for credits or sold to the utility company, depending on the local regulations and incentives.

Monitoring and control: Many PV battery storage systems come with monitoring and control systems that allow homeowners or system operators to monitor the performance of the system, track energy production and consumption, and adjust settings as needed to optimise energy usage and storage.


Benefits of PV Solar Panels

There are a number of benefits in investing in PV solar panels, from being an environmentally-friendly option, to long term return on investment.

As solar energy is renewable, it is a sustainable option for electricity generation for large and small-scale properties. Installing solar panels can also lead to reduced electricity bills, as homeowners and businesses can significantly lower or even eliminate their reliance on grid-supplied electricity which can save money over time.

Another benefit of PV solar panels is that they contribute to a lower carbon footprint. Unlike traditional fossil fuel-based power generation, solar panels produce electricity without emitting greenhouse gases or other pollutants, helping to combat climate change and reduce air pollution.

Installing solar panels can also increase property value, as solar-equipped properties are often more attractive to potential buyers, leading to higher property values and potentially faster sales.

Solar energy also enhances grid stability. Distributed solar generation can help stabilize the grid by reducing strain during peak demand periods and providing localised power generation.


Do Solar PV Panels Require Maintenance?

A reason that many people are opting to install solar panels is due to environmental and financial incentives, but solar panels are also beneficial as they require very minimal maintenance.

With only occasional cleaning required to remove dirt and debris by professionals such as our team, solar PV panels offer reliable performance with minimal maintenance. Solar PV batteries and panels also come with long 25 year guarantee warranties, providing peace of mind for decades of reliable operation.

You will not be required to maintain PV batteries yourself, and you can call professionals if you are experiencing difficulties with power.


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